Tell me about McIntosh amps...audiowizard?

Boston GN

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May 24, 2001
I have a friend who is practically going to give one away to me (well in comparison to what they retail for). I have seen these a little while back and heard they were pretty much the cream of the crop. How are they? This damn thing weight as much as my toyota. 6 channels, forgot what model number.
Very clean amplifier.

I did get to poke my head into a demo vehicle a couple of years ago and listened to a Mcintosh powered BMW and I was blown away by the sound of this car ( it also had a/d/s drivers :cool: ). I know the car with install labor ran $15,000.00. These are very high quality clean amplifiers that are very comparible in sound and warmth to a Tube amplifier. If you want high end top quality sound, you will be impressed with the performance providing that you have a top notch head unit and high quality drivers to get the optimum performance of this amplifier.

These amplifiers are not found at circuit city or best buy. These are only found in high end audio stores for people that appreciate sound and have a good size wallet to purchase these amps. They are well worth the money for people that are diehard audiophiles. I think you will be very happy with amplifier.

McIntosh makes some great products. They make a great all in one car amplifier, top of the line model, that has 2 channels 300 watts each for the subwoofers and then 4 by 100 watts RMS for the front and rear speakers. It is rather large though. :)

Retail was about $3,000 for the thing. You can pick them up used for between $1K-$2K, a bargain.

I use there home equipment in my system all American made, now they are foreign owned, and very high quality gear. Started "collecting" their stuff 25 years ago with student loans :D.

Their home stuff is a very good value and some of it RISES in value every year. Gotta love that.

I'd jump on the McIntosh unit for a cheap price, just make sure it works or the repair bill may be more than you might want to spend. What model???
McIntosh is the cream of the crop. I have had an MC427 (100X2) as my front stage amp for about 6 years now. It never ceases to amaze me, and everyone around me wants it. I bought it for about $400 (yeah almost stole it..) and a comparable one now runs a lot more, nearly 800.
I know the plant that makes them. It is less than an hour drive from my house here in NY.
If you want the best you have found it. They are all hand made and individually tested. You can actually hear a difference between them and other amps.
Do what ever you have to do to get your hands on it ;)
they are a GREAT amp, but unless you are getting a STEAL (which now that i read and not skimmed i see that you are) for them, you might as well look elsewhere. the additional $$ you pay will NOT give you a "superior" sound than say a RF, JL, or what not amp.

Since you are getting a great price for it then GO FOR IT! I would just make dang sure its concealed (not in plain sight) cause some hoodlum might like it more than you.....
McIntosh are great amps! My curent system we are building will be using 3 MC427 (100x2) amps. I will be using 2 USD Audio 12" subs, 2 USD Audio 8" mid bass drivers and a pair of USD Audio Roto Mount Wave Guides as my mids and highs. The 2 subs will each be powered by one amp and the 3rd amp will power the mid bass and Wave Guides. I will be using a McIntosh head unit and the EQ's are a pair of Audio Control EQT's. Wiring is Monster Cable. When the car is finished Eric Holdaway from Speaker Works in Anahiem will tune the car.