Test and tune, Piedmont Drag way, 23 October

This test and tune has been cancelled because of cold weather! I called the track and said it is 60's now and only 50's tonight so why cancel. I was told the cars were slipping and sliding last Thursday when the temp. was 60's so they did not want that to happen tonight.
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16 and 23 November for Sunday test and tune. Now we have to wait almost a month to see if we can break anything. :)

The last JR Plaza cruise-in is this Saturday.
Nov 1st sounds very promising! We'll have to tell Richard to make sure the flatbed has fuel and is ready to go LOL
You are as confident as I am. First one to break gets the rollback and the other gets AAA. :)
I don't know what a Jr. Gambler's Race is but I plan to find out before I go.

The last cruise-in of the year at JR Plaza is tomorrow, if you are interested.
Just received an email saying that tomorrow's Test and Tune is canceled due to cold weather and rain.