Test n tune at VMP. Whos going??


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May 24, 2001
There was some talk a while back about some turbo ppl (GN/TR/Sy/Ty) getting togeather for the opening test n tune at VA motorsorts park (Richmond) around the first weekend in March. Is this still happening and if so who all is going?

Crashed myclone so I may come down to just spectate or lend a hand/wrench if needed. If its not gonna happen then I'll stay at home cause its a 3hr+ drive for me.
:D ...yeah, i think i have been feeling under the weather also...anyway, i will be there in full force...hopefully with the new/used tranny in the car......i hope that i can run it for the first time ever since i've had it...i can't wait...
Re: VMP March 2nd

Originally posted by Bmason
Sorry to hear about your 'clone!


Yeah, sucks to be me... VERY large trash can vs a syclone (dont ask... long story) are NOT any good for a $900 bumper cover and a bumper cover support that cant be bought.... :( :(

Cool, looks like a few ppl are gonna show. Might just hafta drive down and see whats goin on. Wasnt gonna go if it was gonna be the norm of mudstains and f bods. Don get me wrong.. I LIKE watching/tinkering with the V8s but I like watchin the lil ol V6s whup'in up on em too. :D ;) :D
i'll go if everyone else is going but it would be best to waith a couple weeks since the first weekend will be slammin packed.

i think my car will still make it there and back but it sure is making some funny noises...:D

i guess worst case i'll have to call someone to come tow me home if it croaks.

i havent had the race chip in my car since i put my 51 turbo on it i cant wait to feel it cause its running good on street trim.

so what do you'll think about waiting a couple weeks to get thru the mad rush??

Red -

Pending the cooperation of my car, with the goals that I have in mind. I plan on going to VMP on 3/2, then MIR on 3/9 and E-town on 3/16 for the Ford vs. Buick event. There's only going to be 2 Buick events at E-town this year.

Anyway, we have enough trailers around here to get people home, should something happen. Hopefully, there will be no mechanical casualties...just the good ones that are administered to the other lane!:cool:

I'm thrashing to get things completed too, so I understand the situation. I'm really looking past the 2nd and want to use that as a true tuning day.

I kind of got the feeling you were organizing a day for all the VA Turbo's to get together. Have you picked a weekend? My car will not be ready until 3/16 but I will still attend for support of other cars. Where is E-town? I think I might be ready for that event.
i can go most any weekend just put some gas in and go right :D

if i question my noise problem i'll stay in street trim if i sweat it too much i just wont run it and if i dont give a shlt when i get there then after a street trim pass watch out shlt is gonna fly...:D

any one gonna have some 28" slicks ?
i can probly run a pass or 2 on my buddy's 27/10:10 hoosiers

i havent gotten to order tires yet im pushing some people that owe me $ to pay up then i'll order me some 28/11:50/15 hoosier's

either way i'll go when you guys go...and i'll probly be at vmp on the 22nd cause some locals from down here are going then.
if i can stay with someone i will be glad to go to englishtown, i have money...just didn't think to get a room as i wasn't sure about if i was going or not....i'll be there if someone wants to let me crash on the floor....

i will definitely be at vmp though....i thought i would have to tranny in by the 2nd, but it doesn't look that way...unless someone can help me during next week to get it in...

i had a shop in maryland that i was going to do it at, but looks like the 2nd is coming fast as hell....i'm going to get the tranny this weekend...
tranny swap dont take an hour on the lift...:eek:

wanna bring it down one eve. and we can put it up on the lift and knock it out.. i might have time sunday eve.
Peterkin - IF and that's a big if, I can get my crap rolling before the weekend is over, I can help you with the tranny on Sunday. We can work it out as we get closer to the weekend. I see I'm not the only one that this is sneaking up on! :)

Red - the 22nd is do-able! That's a Friday and I think worst case, we'll get there around 6:30 or 7:00. How many guys are coming up?


Red and I are kinda saying the same thing. One way or the other, you can get the tranny done!:)
i might be the only buick from down her coming :(

i'll have to go check to see who all is comming ...it may be a few imports coming on the 22nd but they are no crabs..one honda looking to go in the 11's i'll see what all is planning on going on the 22nd
The 22nd looks good for me. Englishtown looks pretty cool. how long does it take to get there? What type of cars are going to be at E-town? How fast? I project I will only be in the 12's with my mods. I do not want to be the slowest car there.
Hey! Can I come play? hehe I will be with Myclone :) XOXO

LOL-pretty funny

Hey! Can I come play? hehe I will be with Myclone XOXO I would like to think he is mine. But he is a man...

First this was funny, but then as I was thinking what kind of wisecrack I was going to make, a few weird thoughts flashed through my brain. I'll let the really imaginitive folks try and guess what that was - but I have faith that my fellow "gutter-minds" will soon make the correct deductions...

Anyway, are you guys talking about going to VMP or E-town on the 22nd? You're talking E-town, right? And BTW, I still keep my fingers crossed about not breaking down on the side of the road somewhere & need some roadside assistance!:D

that might be a sqeeze trying to do it on sunday, i am going to rockingham, north carolina today...going to pick up the tranny and get the class III hitch put on the jeep, hopefully pick up a front mount from mike.....i was planning on coming back to VA like sunday night....damn...nothing ever works out...and then the second is the following weekend....ain't that a ( nevermind )....man, this sucks....my tranny is slipping so bad right now that when i get on it in second it slips like the wheels broke loose and then it catches and goes....it's sad....i can't wait to get this thing out...

thanks for the offers guys...
HE HE, that's even funnier!

myclone... change that to "my clone" or change it a little again to "my GENETIC clone" (have you ever seen the movie "Judge Dredd"???) He He

Lisa... babe.... I think some ppl are questioning my gender is what the joke is.. They're just pokin fun..

No worries baby as I was a guy last time I looked.. Course I do look good in heels IMO.. :eek: Just a pain to find em in size 13 on sale.. :p