Test & Tune at Fontana 04/05/2014 -- Anyone here going?

Drip Pan

Every Buick needs one!
Mar 27, 2005

I was at the NMCA West Regionals with my son this past weekend at Fontana when they announced that they will be hosting a T&T session this coming Saturday for the usual $20 for car & driver fee. Is anyone here heading out there? Neal, if you are reading this Tracer asked if you were going to run your GTO. :jimlad:

Note: For those that haven't been to Fontana recently the track has a new sound wall that extends virtually the entire length of the track and behind the timing tower. During the NMCA event the track announcers made a point to thank the various sponsors (K&N, MAG TV, etc.) and "...the whiners on the other side of the tracks for our new sound wall. But hey, we're all winners here."

PS: There were no Buicks at the NMCA event. :bag:
Won't have the chicken coop fully ready yet.... bummer....

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Morgan, Brutal 6 Racing Lives!
We've been worried sick about you. How in the heck are you doing? I'm busy this weekend. I'm kinda holding out for a private track rental. You and Neil have been in my sig now for over a decade and I have no plans to remove you guys. Stop by here more often. sdslider (Eric) and I have got the Bates Show going again. We had 42 Turbo Buicks last year. Would be cool to see you there in two months. Lots of the old farts will be showing up. You can ride with me if you want. What in the heck have you been up to?
You, Neil and Lou taught me the ropes on this stuff years ago and now look at me... I'm a parts slinging Turbo Buick vendor just like Kenne Bell, Terry Huston and Postons. Hey! where'd they go?:eek:

Mike Barnard
Just have to figure out what time to get there to make sure to get through tech... 7am tech opens = line down the road....

Good to see ya on the board again! Unfortunately I don't think I can make it out with the GTO this weekend. I've got some honey do's to attend to, not to mention Sharon's mom just moved back to town and we're trying to help her get situated. Next time if you want to borrow the GTO you're more than welcome to and I even have a helmet I can lend you.