Testing The Water 3in Mease DP


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May 26, 2001
just wondering how much my mease 3in internal wastegate dp would go for. might have it up for sale not 100% sure yet.
i remember you telling me this. humm. just wondering o also i ment integral wastegate and it can possibley come with a test pipe with dump but unsure as well as i might need it.
send it to china

Send it to china for us hot air guys and make some $$$ selling them on e-bay

I probably could'nt afford your used pipe but a China knock off for hot airs made in lots of 50 should sell good.:)
mease pipe

I actually bought a mease pipe a while back from mease himself, but only because he had one that was half made up already. I paid 522 for the 3 inch stainless with a test pipe, but no dump. I had a dump pipe from my previous kenne bell dp. Really nice piece but, I had to modify it to fit around my freaking huge ass kenne bell headers. Only thing is he's probably not going to make anymore himself so you can basically ask whatever someone will pay for one.

Just my thoughts,

Jerry Berger