Texas Motor Speedway Road Course Auto X Run


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Feb 21, 2007
Hey guys, I got to run an autox at the TMS road course yesterday and it was awesome!! It was a bit rainy as you can see from the video but the day went well. I finished second out of four entries in E Street Prepared so I was happy with that. The car that beat me was a 2012 5.0 Mustang with coil overs and full auto cross slicks. I did beat a 2005 and 2011 Mustang both of which had decent stuff done to them. I'm getting more comfortable with these BFG Rival tires and it's amazing how hard they can be pushed and they never loose grip! The little bark on the last right hand turn at the end of the track was the only noise they made all day, they never slipped at all, even with the slightly wet track!!


Cool vid. Is that the main track or somewhere else?

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Its the infield. I hosted a couple client driving sessions there.

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That's right, it's on the infield where the front straight runs parallel to pit row more or less.
Hey Scot, thanks! Yeah it's still hanging in there haha. Hopefully can do a few more upgrades over the winter, there's only one more autocross for the season so then I don't worry about keeping the car functional as much until next season!