th400 switch pitch


Nov 5, 2006
i was thinking about the th400 switch pitch transmission and conveter from poston buick. does anyone have one and how well do they work?
I built a switch pitch for my '69 Chevelle and put a GV behind it.

I haven't reallt got to try it out yet as the car needs some bodywork, etc.

If you get ready for a switch pitch setup I have the pump, solenoid, input shaft/drum, etc. You would just need a converter of your choice.

Call Chris at CKperformance, he may have converters...
are the switch pitch converters made well from them. will they last as long as a regular convetor? any info on ck performance cause thats the one i looking to buy.
CKPerformance is a reputable vendor. He makes some of his own converters and I uses Pro-Torque for others.
I bought my switch pitch converter from Chris and it's a Pro-Torque.

The converters have no issue at the 500 HP level but I understand they can at higher HP levels because they may stay in high stall mode.

There are several vendors who can do the switch pitch converters.

I tore a TH400 core apart a few weeks ago that was an SP unit so I have a good pump core and other pieces.
You need to visit lots of discussion on the switch pitch there.