TH400 trans time!


May 25, 2001
Anyone have recs for best trans shops to use and why, what to be sure and have in it, what to avoid in it and why, recs for internal gear ratios and why, etc? Also shifter- the car is currently a column shift/spilt bench setup so will have to go buckets and floor shift, so it'll be a custom shifter install. Plus driveshaft- is there a consensus on the correct length? TIA!

The application is an '87 TR, 274" on center/GN1R's , T76 or GT80, max boost + nitrous. Still need to figure the best rear gear ratio for the planned trap speeds though.

T-400/stage 2

I have bout the same combo and use a 400 w/ a trans brake.
The internals are mostly stock except for the converter feed passage restriction to help the thrust brg live. [Contact Donald Wang for a trans w/ this and other mods.]
I have the good band and discs and the big sprag, deep pan.[off of a school bus tranny].
I use a B&M Pro ratchet shifter so I can trigger my Innovative boost controller by triggering a micro sw. when the lever is pulled.[All 400's w/ a brake are reverse valve body]
I used a poly mount from Energy and moved the pad on the x-member bout 3" to center it under the mount.

I used the STOCK d. shaft,[even tho there are those that say it won't fit] w/ HD joints w/out the zerks, and a new t-400 yoke.

I also cut and welded the 200 and 400 shifter brackets that go on the shift shaft in the tranny so I still have the column lock and the neutral switch still works too.;)


Back under my shifter:D