Thank you Lance/Craig~


The Reaper
Thanks for your help! The one Camaro with the Wide band Inop. is fixed and working properly.... Now we can tune it! we made 2 passes at the track.. no burn out.. leave with no boost and just take it easy. the first pass with around 12-15lbs boost and letting out of it around 3/4 track it went 12.10@107 2.00 60Ft
The next pass Going by the data loging and correcting accordingly
it made one "Pop" As boost came up, he let out and tried again with no more problems the rest of the way.. went 12.20@118mph
Could the "pop" be corrected.. it went to 15:1A/F ratio but the rest of the pass the O2 did not correct more than 5%. What changes could we try to add more fuel when boost is coming on?
Other than this little glitch it runs fantastic.. quiet.. realy fun to drive......

Our other project Camaro is running but having a different problem. We can't seem to get full throttle. A mid throttle pass works alright but as soon as WOT it pops through the exhaust badly. It has 65Lb/Hr inj but it just won't run right with the 65Lb setting in the Inj. peramiter. We put in 55lb/hr for the perameter and it works ALOT better. We tried adjusting A/R/map settings with the 65lb setting with little luck. The 55lb setting works. Still pops when WOT. The headers are white.. It's Realy Reeeely lean.
Here's the setup for this car...
65Lb/hr Inj,Two GN I/C front mounted 3"in/out welded together,*Works better than the CAS TTA in the other car!*Ported Iron heads,Aeromotive pump/regulator 45#@Idle,JE Pistons,3"down pipe for the first 6" then 3 1/2" from there down,BOP 350TH Trans with 3200stall, 3:89Gear, 3100ish Lbs
FAST ECU stock GN wiring harness.
*From the sound of the motor it almost would make you think it drops 2 cyl when you go full throttle..... Ground problem?>Idle and part throttle fine... mably as much as 3/4 throttle works but WOT is just not happing... Thanks again for any help! Scott~;)