Took the Wh1 on some curves!!


The New Kid
Dec 21, 2001
So there’s a place that car and driver used to test cars at here in Michigan, nicknamed “hell route” as it’s in hell Michigan lol. Anyway. Car did pretty good. First time I ever really drove the car harder. I baby it most of the time that I drive it with the occasional wot blast... But today I just sent it. I changed my fuel pump to a dw300 (3 year old 255 pump was dropping to 50 psi at 24 psi boost) and somehow got the regulator down to 38 psi line on?? Yeah proper volts yeah hotwired yeah I have an HD in tank wiring harness so the higher draw pump won’t melt the connectors, all that jazz on stock fuel lines. Anyway. Fuel pressure was rock solid and I just sent it. Went through a whole tank of alky in 3 hours of driving so yeah I was ripping it. No knocking, perfect afr, Trans worked perfectly… not bad for a brick with marshmallows for suspension components…
That’s awesome!!
It’s always fun to here the good stuff.
I love the marshmallow suspension part.

Herb Adams, old Trans Am series racer (I think), liked softer springs and huge sway bars.
nice vid, sidewall flex adds a lot of squish when driving the twisties. Overinflating the tires can help for these events (common in autocross).
Would over inflating cause a loss of traction? I’d be curious to try it next time I go out there