Thank you Shane and all the V6 Turbo Racers


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Dec 7, 2004
The Buick Performance Group would like to thank Shane and the Turbo V6 Racers for their continued support of the BPG.

For the last few years, the BPG has put together reunion events to honor the baddest Buicks of all time. In 2009, we honored the GSX and in 2010 we honored the Stage 1 Gran Sport. In 2011, we will honor the Turbo Regals, aka T-Types, Turbo Ts, and Turbo Limiteds. The sleepers who got lost in the shadows of the Grand National. We will also be honoring the Pontiac Turbo Trans Am as well.

We will have special show classes decicated to these vehicles, to honor the longest trailered to the event, the longest driven to the event, Concourse class, Rattiest, and Most Original. Normal Regal classes will correspond into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for Race Car Turbo Regals. 3 modifications or more go into race class; 3 modifications or less go into street class in addition to classes K, L, and M.

Guest speakers are as follows:

Ron Yuil- Buick Engineer led the Turbo Group when they went intercooled and turbocharged from 1986-1987. Also will speak about Buick Engineers racing the Prototype GNX against the Calloway Corvette and history of Turbo Regals from 1978-1987.

Dave Roland- Gm Service Writer wrote all the manuals for Turbo Regals and GNX. Powerpoint presentation on Turbo Regals and also never before seen pictures (album) of the building and development of the GNX.

Bill Owen- who designed the cross member and mounts for the torque arms for the Pontiac TTA and more importantly was the person who came up with the idea to use FWD 3800 heads so the engine could fit in the engine bay will be attending as well. He will speak on the long time it took for Pontiac to start and finish the project from in house special car to a legend. He will discuss how it exceeded the rigid tests for Indy 500 pace cars, and how it could have qualified for the Daytona 500.

Wayne Sherman another Buick engineer hopes to attend and bring his T-Type which could possibly be the only factory Turbo Regal test car still existing. His close friend Tom Halka, rod and piston engineer for the Turbo 3.8 hopes to attend and bring his low 13 second pristine 79 Turbo Coupe.

Joe Guzek who designed many popular muscle car wheels including the GN and Denny Manner the "Father" of the Stage 1 will be present as well for enthusiasts to enjoy as well.

Car cruising at Ruby Tuesdays will start Thursday night and continue every evening of the event. Vendors and parts/swap meet will be available as well.

National Trail just replaced and paved new concrete for both lanes on the starting line, so traction should be exceptional!

Dent specialist will be on site to help out any owners with dents/scratches.

Golf karts will be on site to rent for the weekend.

Coughlin Buick will be displaying several Buicks including the new Turbo Regal, Enclave and Lacrosse and several GMC trucks as well for enthusiasts to see and test drive as well.

This event is also open to all high performance and classic Buicks. Invitations have been sent out to Lesabre T-Type owners, Turbo Rivieras, Gran Sports of all years, FWD SC 3800s as well. Please join us for this 72 hour blitzkrieg of Buick addiction. Meet new friends, see old ones, meet/ask questions with the legends who built these cars that 24 years later we are still infatuated with if not even more than ever. First time outside of Flint Michigan in the late 1980s we have all these G-Body Engineers in one location. Never before, anywhere else outside Buick in Flint and the Pontiac plant. Never again will all these individuals be in one place. Any further information for hotels as they are pretty much all sold out within the Heath Ohio area, please visit our website at The Buick Performance Group I wish you all and your families and friends safe travels to and from our event in Columbus and wish you all a great summer as well. Hope to see you in Columbus in July for the fun. Get rest you will need it.

if you have any questions PM me or send e-mail to
Shane is the man so is Jay! :cool: Hope to see you guys in Ohio this year! Time to come on up north! Should be an amazing event in Ohio this year. History in the making!
You are more than welcome! It is all for the love of the community! Thank you guys for putting on a great event also! I hope to make it!!!