Thank you to Lonnie at Extreme Automatics!!!!


May 20, 2008
So long story, but needs to be said:

Years ago I bought a 200-4r from Brian Hofer. I lost OD after the warranty had expired. He or his builder left out a c-clip that let the OD clutches move around and burn up the friction material. The clip was no where to be found in the trans or pan. There is no way this wasn't his fault. He did nothing. Cost me i think 800 bucks to get 4th gear back.

Later, I broke the input shaft on that transmission. I just didn't know what was wrong at the time. Didn't want to spend any more money on Brian's transmission given the 4th gear BS.

Bought a stage 2 from Lonnie. The first one wouldn't shift 3-4 under WOT. Anything but WOT was fine, but not WOT. Lonnie built and sent me a replacement. Car sat for a couple of months until I had time the help to swap out the trans. A few weeks later, same breakage: input shaft.

By this time, the warranty was fully gone. Lonnie sent me a billet input shaft and said something like "you won't break this one" He was right, I stripped out the splines on the OD planetary and some of the ones on the ring gear. So Lonnie tells me, you've got a lockup problem if that's happening. You have to fix that or you'll never have peace with any trans. Bottom line, disconnect the T/C Harness and the car drives like a freakin' dream. So now I need a 9.5 non-lockup convertor, but he stuck by me even after we figured out the problem wasn't his transmission but rather my car/ECM/or convertor.

People like Lonnie are the only reason I didn't sell my car years ago and walk away from Turbo Regals.

Lonnie: I owe you big time brother. You need anything in FL, call me. And I'm not joking about looking me up next time you're in town. I owe you AT LEAST a meal.
We have some good guys on this forums and Lonnie is one of them two thumbs up