The Buick Educator, lesson #1 complete!

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May 28, 2001
Many stories of races are told, but none can even begin to compare with this, which shall be known now and forevermore as the evening of education. I began my evening as a trip to Publix to pick up Orange juice, and ended it with a trip by the Local dragstrip in West Palm Beach. With some previous test runs, I knew that the GN was pulling really strong, as it would launch nicley, and blow away the BFG Drag radials on its way from 30-45 MPH. The Education that the subject line reffers to begins just after the test runs. As I pulled to the line, with Larry riding shotgun and holding the Orange Juice, I power braked a little, just because I wanted to see how hard I could launch without burning them. Since we were running a pro style light, we had no way of knowing when it would turn green. It was so long that I let off the gas, and just idoled, waiting for the light to turn. As we waited, an unexpected event occoured. We thought there was going to be no car in the other lane, but a car had rolled up beside, and I heard a 18 year old sounding voice say, "What ya got in that thing" To which I responded, it's a V6. The head schrugged, turned back, and I heard only silence thereafter. However, I did hear the rumble of this car, which I now recognized as a Mustang, newer body style. Nice, deep V8 sound, revving freely. I said to Larry, "not worth it", to which he responded calmly "just blow em off..."


We sat at idol, and finally the pro-style light dropped. After a few tenths of a second I hear the tires spin of the Mustang, and I slowly touch the throttle. The Mustang pulls a fender, and then my right foot slowly sinks to the floor. As the boost peaked at 21 psi, a wild event happened. The Drag radials screamed for mercy as we rocket past the car, so fast that it was more of a blur than anything, and many car lengths were put on them within seconds. It was so fast, and it was over so quickly it was nothing short of an insult to the Mustang! I began to brake, and slowed for the return lanes. The Mustang was still at full acceleration trying to catch up, and had to brake hard in order to stop in time. The passenger screams out, "What the hell you got in that thing?" We roll on, and eventually came back to the area of behind the lanes. We got out, I shook hands with the driver, as he now says, "What engine is in that thing, and what the he** is that car?" After hearing this, my ear to ear grin turned to hard laughter! Larry patiently said, "It's a 6 cylinder. It's a Buick Grand National, and We like to educate people." The kid stood there in awe, as Larry now turned to a full ear to ear grin as well. The education was now complete, we dismissed class and went on our way.

No orange juice was harmed during this education. :)
HAHAHA!!! Nice story! Poor kid, that's just not fair picking on the youngun's like that. But if you don't teach them, who will?? Nice kill by the way, people that think (stock) Stangs are fast need a lesson! :cool:
ahh yup a nice generation gap we have with these cars. thats kid was still playing in sandboxs with tonka trucks when our cars came out. now hes all grown up and if his dad knew anything about cars he probally only told his son about the overrated muscle cars of his day. its hard to believe lots of people still have no clue about our cars. nice kill!!!
i'm kind of tired of all of u older guys always saying that there all the kids out there don't have any idea of what the GN's and T-types can really do. but i do. and i'm sure that there are many other kid my age out there who know just as much as i do. :D
If I did'nt know any better I'd say that was my 13yr old posting that reply.

As he has been well educated on the power of the Darkside!

So in 3 more years there will be 2 TR's in this family!
Hey 14Yr old,

I wanted to say that you are way ahead of me, when I was your age. All I ever saw was overrated muscle cars (Mustangs and a 69 Olds 442 convertable) and I did not even know of the GN/T-types until I was about 19. I took a ride in a friends GN and realized my Mustang (1972 / 302 / 4barrel / 4 speed) was not a match, and was not gonna ever be without NOS or forced induction. Keep learning and you'll be ready to burn rubber in a year or so. :)

Way to go

Good one Bob!!

Hahaha you gotta watch those pro-tree lights :) It helps if you watch the walk signals sometimes ;)