the norwegian


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Mar 19, 2010
names kjetil but all my american friends call me futten sins it my forum nicks
im 27 live in norway been a gearhead for as long as i can remember worked on cars sins i was 17 when i bough my first car and worked on friends cars bough my first american ( the regal) in 07 drove it for 6 mounts then started working on it sadly it sat along time one flaw of that project i dident have a shop after a while i was let in to the local american car club where im a meber did the top end of the engine the car for moved outside and covered up while i looked for a better shop and to let other members get theyre short term stuff in mean while changed out my 1995 fiat uno for the 74 amc some time later my friends workshop had a space open and moved in there and well the project starts from scratch again there with weld work etc etc when im not getting dirty i build scale model cars sleep drink coke and sit at the pc :biggrin: and other normal stuff
Welcome.......................... Nice to have ya here... Take a look around.. Very cool place