The Red List Drag Racing Even At Fomoso 12-12-2015

Raymond Bunch

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Mar 20, 2002
The Red List Group Drag Racing and Car Show!!
This even will be going at Fomoso Dragway on 12-12-2015. Sign up now to reserve your spot as it is limited to just 100 racers!!! If you would like to show off your car, you can do that too.

Tickets to race are selling fast. Get yours now!

2010 Brilliant BLack SRT8, 22k miles, Forged 426, Procharger F1D, SHR War Viking Trans, 6200 PTCM, ARH, 80lb Inj, MSD BAP, BC Coiloverss, AEM Boost, AFR Gauges, = Money Pit! 11.44@119
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I've tried to go to this the past 2 times and work always gets in the way
I was at an event there a couple of weeks ago. Had a great time. Great track prep too.
I would like to race but I don't have a roll bar. I'd hate to make the 4 hour drive only to get booted off the track after the first pass. And I'm not gonna slow down after the eighth, cause what fun would that be?:D
My TTA didn't have a roll bar. I made multiple low 11 second passes when I was trying to get my stock engine into the 10's. I seriously doubt they'll make a big issue out of it. Like 58Kiowa said, worst case, turn the boost down. Of course if it were me... I'd just turn it up even more.

Btw, my Jeep SRT8 will be putting down around 900-950whp for this event. Plan on running 14-15 psi. I just need to finish up my fuel system, do a pulley swap, and get a tune from High Horsepower Performance HHP, via a dyno tune from VW Paradise, in San Marcos. Same guys that did Derek's Jeep.