The right chip


Aug 7, 2001
My fellow hot-air brothers,

What is the best chip upgrade for a 85 GN? So far I just have the 30# injectors but am planning to have Walbro FP, hotwired, ATR exhaust, and the "big mouth" induction system. Not going too radical yet...just for starters.... i was looking at the Caspers 8 position thumbwheel but I am not sure. Any info. or anybody selling a chip or knows of someone, let me know.

Thanks guys,


I've heard Joe Lubrant at PTE (Precision Turbo & Engine) burns a great chip for the HOTAIR.

Give him a shout. He's great help over the phone.
Joe's not with PTE anymore...

Post this in the computer chip forum on this BB...He still comes around and will answer any of your questions...Casper's thumbwheel chip is still a good chip though...

But before you do the chip upgrade, you MUST replace your stock fuel pump with a Walbro(w/hotwire) and put an adj. fuel press. reg on...The stock stuff was just barely enough when the motor was stock...Just do the basic stuff first...get the foundation down, before you start building on top of it...