The starter turns; but the fuel pump wont run


Hi Guys. Thanks for all the help up to now. I finally got the valve job and the timing chain and gears done and filled up the oil and antifreeze and was hoping for a quick start. well the starter runs; but no start. The fuel pump won't run. I checked the alternator for voltage and there's none. I am not sure where to start looking. there must be a broken or pinched wire somewhere any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ed
Ps: I am getting a little frustrated now. The car has been down for 5 weeks. :ROFLMAO:
If the batt is charged and is connected to the alt charge stud, there will be batt volts at the alt.
If you are referring to the exciter wire, if the dash lite bulb is inop there won't be a exciter voltage at the alt plug.
Did you hook the ground wires back onto the pass cyl head?
Are all the wires on the starter that should be there?
Suggest you get the wiring diagrams and start checking.
I have no voltage at the charge stud on the alternator. How many wires should be on the stud? All the wires are still on the starter as I havent removed it. All the grounds are connected to the passenger head. Not sure what's next?
I think I didn't explain myself correctly. There in no connection between the hot post on the starter and the hot post on the alternator.
There’s a 10ga wire from the alt stud to the battery terminal. It’s part of the positive batt cable assembly.
There in no connection between the hot post on the starter and the hot post on the alternator.
There should be voltage at both locations IF the battery is hot, and the cables hooked up.
I suggest you get some help with diagnosing this before you blow the battery up and/or set the car on fire.
Thanks to all for the help. It was the # 10 wire from the Battery pos. to the alt stud. It was tanged in the lower harness and I had to look hard to find it. I hooked it up and all is ok now. I do have 3 wires attached to the Alt. pos. terminal and I think the third one is for the after market parts on the car. There are a of of gadgets that were on the car when I bought it.
If you encounter issues or strange problems from here, look to those aftermarket gadgets. In my experience those are the items that most commonly cause problems.