Thinking about selling my GN


Dec 6, 2001
I'm putting this in the Midwest section first because I'm not 100% sure on selling the car yet and would like to keep it somewhat local to people that are interested in the car. I got laid off again and things aren't looking pretty for me this year. I have too much debt and my toys need to go. I hate to do it but I'm trying to get my priorities straight and debt paid off. I just bought this 87 GN last September from a buddy of mine. His plans were to turn it into a race car so it has a fuel cell, aeromotive fuel pump, and the a/c completely removed. Car has no back seats or carpet or headliner. Car has a custom driver quality paint job with fender louvers and pin stripes with turbo 6 logo. The car does still need finished buffed in a few places. Also needs one front bumper filler.
Guy I bought it from got it as a car that was in the process of being stripped down, he bought it and pieced it back together. With that being said, some of the parts on the car are missing or not correct GN parts like the steering wheel/column and front seats aren't GN, and rear spoiler is missing. Also the engine is fresh remanufactured engine he got out of a junked 85 T-type he bought, so the turbo oil drain has been modified to drain through the front cover. It is not a 109 block. Transmission is BRF code but is not original to the car. Here are some parts on the car that I can think of right now.

-SMC non-progressive square bottle alky kit
-Mease 24 row stock location intercooler
-Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump & fuel lines
-billet fuel regulator
-Caspers race fuel pump wiring kit
-Duel electric radiator fans
-Aluminum radiator
-B&M external oil cooler
-Hoodmounted fuel and oil pressure guages
-Interior Tach, boost, volt, oil pressure and coolant temp guages
-Scanmaster v2.1
-Kirban GNX reproduction rims

This would make a great street/strip car that looks good but you wouldn't feel bad about taking it out on a daily basis in the summer. THIS CAR HAS A FLOOD TITLE ALTHOUGH THIS WAS NOT A FLOOD CAR. The guy I bought it from had this car and was painting/working on it for quite a few years and never transferred title. Car was previously titled in a area in Mississippi that was a flood area during Katrina. Bottom line is even though the car wasn't actually in the flood and was in Illinois at that time, it was registered in Mississippi during that time so I recieved a flood title from Illinois. The car also needs and exhaust. I'm just running a glasspack on the end of the stock downpipe right now. Not sure what to price this at yet, but please do not be a D-bag and lowball me. Here is a link to what pictures I have right now. My 87 Buick GN pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots If you are really interested in buying the car and want more picture let me know and I will work on getting more

Dan, I have a friend looking for a cheap car to play with as a project. What price range are you looking to get for the car?