Thinking of dumping the !@#$$#$@ 009's


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Jul 12, 2003
Just wanted to see what the consensus was on 009 injectors - been playing with them for a while now - have every chip possible and am still running rich as he!! on the bottom end. My main concern is keeping my car a street car - I'm about to take the emissions test again today - if I fail again I'm thinking of ditching these injectors. What do you think? am I quitting too early. My exhaust can choke small animals - IMO:D - Yes. I have a cat on the car and yes I have tuned the car. F/P is right around 44-45 stattic with Extender chip right now. Also have Turbotweak chip [ran fastest times with this] , Reds 93 chip, JC chip........ HELP ME Decide what to do TIA
I've had 009's on my car for a couple of years now with no problems. It's probably not the injectors....

What are your idle BLMs/INTs?

I've used a Testa chip....a Red Armstrong chip....and now have a RevE Extender...and none of them ran so bad I would give up on it. (it runs great with the Extender) You might have a vacuum leak and the computer is compensating by putting the fuel to it when it doesn't need it.

Hook up a scan tool and let us see the numbers...

been there done that. Int hovers around 128 - BLM-s in the 130's. Replaced check valve's , vacuum lines , canister. Don't get me wrong my car runs strong. I've run 12.7 @ 111 mph on pump gas w/ 2.2 60 ft and trashed comp/ta radials. but I need to pass emissions.
royal, i was looking at your sig

do you feel the 70mm tb and plenum made a significant performance difference?

i put one on my last car and it seemed to fall on its face after i installed it,

could have been something else, i didnt really test one component at at time

like you, I didn't get a chance to do any tests it was part of an onslaught of aftermarket parts, I did have a problem with tip in stumble but not due to 70mm T/B. Check Vacumm and/or exhaust leaks. What turbo were you running with that t/b?
i had a PT51 with the percision exhaust housing i also had a stock converter and trans

my current car has a built tranny

i think the trans might of had something to do with it
Originally posted by Royal-T-Ltd
Just wanted to see what the consensus was on 009 injectors - been playing with them for a while now - have every chip possible and am still running rich as he!! on the bottom end.

Have you tried Eric @

His chip really cleaned my 009s up a lot. I have ported irons, Ta-61, etc.. Car goes sideways at 60mph the other day with pump gas. 009s are good injectors if you get the right combo and chip.

Good luck
Gettin back to the posts. What do you guys/girls think? I remember a guy who was having a whole lotta problems with 009's and he switched to 50's and loved 'em. If I'm correct 50's act like stockers and are equally as linear. Is that true?
My car runs good with 009s. I'm running the Extender chip now and that's been the best. I also passed NJ emissions with the 009s and a JC street chip. No problems. I too at first had the tip in stumble, but not any more. I believe it went away when I went to the LT1 MAF + translator + extender chip.

My car has 009's and passed the notoriously stringent Canadian emissions with FLYING COLOURS. My car had been stored for 2 years without starting. Just started it up and drove straight there, no injector flush, same old gas, no long highway run or nothing. IT'S NOT YOUR 009'S.

THANK YOU! these are the kinda responses I need. I've dumped alot of money into these injectors. Maybe I need to fine tune some of these programs. Also for those who did pass emissions - does your exhaust still smell pretty strong.
i had no luck what so ever with 009s. switched to 50s and all is good.all cars are diffrent and i gues i just have 1 of the diffrent cars, just my luck.:mad: :D
Well i just failed again.. [see my other post..I'm A Failure] i'm starting to think maybe i have one of those different cars too. Maybe my car just hates the 009's maybe i got ripped and the aren't properly flowed. THIS SUX! Can my cat be bad.. it is a 3" high flow that came with my 3" ATR DP. What am I to do. Im thinking of getting some flow matched 50's from a vendor like racetronix. but man i dumped alot of time and money in these 42.5's and the turbotweak chip, Red 93 chip, thumbwheel chip, extender chip, Jay Carter chip. Hey someone want to buy these from me.....:D
first before you condone them, are you running 44-45 static when you get it tested? If so, drop it down. to 40 or 38 even, what did you fail exactly? HCs? NOX? Maybe i missed it, but does your EGR work? I pass easy with my 50s and no cat, just by droppin the fuel pressure down to 38 or so, making sure the car is good and warm, and running a bottle of CRC emmisions stuff through the tank. I like 50s and definatly recommend them but you should pass easy with 009s. Good luck man
What part of the emissions test did you fail? It will depend on WHY they failed you as to what your next course of action is.
See you just made my point again. Everybody using 50's have No problems. I've heard they are almost identical to stock [fuel curves] everybody is always talking about how smooth they idle and how well they work. 009's are NOTORIOUS for being fat at the bottom and lean on top. I feel bad for buying them. But when I bought 'em years ago everybody was using them and 50's just seemed so big. Now we have people running 72's, 83's with No problems. Technology and chip programming have come a long way. That sounds awesome 50's and no cat passing emissions. WOW:eek: