This guy is on CRACK

I didn't know they made a "presidential edition"....must be like that '84 Cutlass on eBay I saw a few years ago that was labeled as a "Barbara Mandrel edition". :rolleyes:
prez idicion

You know what they say.

Never get high on your own supply :biggrin:
Actually they did make a presidential edition. I saw one of these when I lived in MD. Looks Identical from the outside with the sail panel oprea lights. It also was black. I just remember seeing presidential edition on the dash plaque. It was at a used car dealership. I watched the price drop from $1500 to $500. Friday I stoped by to get it & they had sent it to auction.
I was never really sure if it was a Dealer installed marketing idea or if it was GM. That was a long time ago.

I just did a quick google search & there seems that there are presidentil editions made by Buick.

I do think he has a lot of misinformation & at $6k he will have the car for a while.