This is how to get a stealing friend back!!!!


Jan 13, 2002
Long story short Chris is a buddy of mine from highschool. But in the past few years he has stolen from other freinds and moved all over the country doing drugs and getting into trouble. He has always had a myspace and another friend of mine figured out his password and changed everything.

Chris called a buddy of mine a month ago and said since he had just gotten out of jail that he wanted to get his life fixed. So my buddy being nice got him a job and let him move in with him. Chris worked for a 2 weeks for him and on his pay day my buddy took chris out for his birthday and while they were eating chris stole his phone and when my buddy went back to the resturant to get his phone chris stole his money watches and truck. The next morning when my buddy called his phone some guy answered and said he bought the phone from some white kid at 4:30 that morning for 50 bucks. Chris called my buddy and told him where he could find his truck in the raleigh hood.

Check out this link - chris - 28 - Male - ASHEBORO, North Carolina -
nice come back, :biggrin: now when you see him again BEAT THE SHIzz OUT OF HIM, I would