This maybe scary, but I think I understand.

Dan Thompson

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May 25, 2001
The stall speed, rpm, of a converter is matched, or as close as possible, to the rpm of peak torque. So the car shifts gears near the peak torque.

As we mod our cars the torque increase so we increase the stall speed to keep up with the peak torque.

Am I close?
You increase stall speed to get the turbo to spool. With the cam these cars run, without the turbo , stock would always work, but to get cam and turbo to work together and spool, it requires stall.

as it was explained to me...this is for drag race cars mind you...for optimal launch you want your stall at your torque peak.

if i'm thinking straight,this would bring you back to your torque peak at each shift?

of course,along the same lines you want to gear your car to be at redline in top gear going thru the traps.

i say again...RACE cars:).

i could be smoking crack...:)

I believe you want the stall speed about 500rpm below peak torque. But depending on the converter, when you switch gears it will keep the rpms higher than the, my 94 camaro had a 3000 stall, when it switched gears the rpms would stay around 4200rpm.

These cars may be different, but the info. above is based on how I picked my converter for a camaro.