Thrasher causing electrical problems?


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Jun 8, 2001
Friend of mine was having problems with his stock alarm system on his GN...he managed to fix it but pulled out the Thrasher chip he was using because he said he remembers reading something in the GSExtra about Thrasher chips causing electrical problems
and it sounds like bull to me...I've never heard of anything like this and have used Thrasher chips for many years...anyone heard of this?
I don't know about the friend's alarm system, but I can imagine that the Thasher with the anti-theft feature might interfere with the alarm system operation. Not sure, but it just seems like it might be possible. For any other Thrasher, I can't see why it would affect the electrical system any more than any other chip. But I'm not a chip guru. Maybe one will chime in???
Thrasher's antitheft can be affected by electrical problems (like low voltage) but I can't see it causing electrical problems.
Thrasher chips have not been mentioned in the GSX-tra.

The factory alarm disarms the starting mechanism, that is NOT what the Thrasher anti-theft feature does.

Your friend remembers mistakenly.
Thanks Scott...was hoping you would confirm my suspicions about his story...doesn't matter...he still won't put the Thrasher back in...oh well...his loss...
I know the thasher Chip does strange things. Remember when I put mine in and my non-working GM radio started picking up Hubble Telescope Images from outer space?
I've run a Thrasher anti-theft for years in my stock-alarm equipped car without any problems in either the Thrasher or the alarm.