Thrasher Chip Review...



I just received my 2 chips from Thrasher. I bought the 92 street w/ security and no shutter and the 100 strip chip. My car had the old old old Kenne-Bell chip in it before and it ran like crap. The car would sputter and backfire when the engine was cold, and my boost would spike and be erratic. My engine is tuned pretty well so I figured my probs were with the old chip.

Threw in the Thrasher 92 and WOW. Just tapping the accelerator would launch the car even when the motor was cold. It idles perfectly and the boost is now consistant and stable.

For anyone considering a new chip, I definately recommend a Thrasher. You can't go wrong for the price ($25 for any chip) and the security feature is really nice. I give Thrasher a big thumbs up.
I noticed the same thing when I went to a JC 93 chip. I thought the car was messed up with the KB Hi/Lo slow chip. The car was fine, the chip just sucked. I can not believe that they are still selling those old chips. ERIC.:)
Ditto. I switched from the Kenne Bell Ultimate to a Joe Lubrant street chip and the car woke right up. Although, the KB chip did have some nice off-idle characteristics, the JL is better yet and the top end is really monsterous.