Throttle Body Coolant


Dec 26, 2003
Who has this removed and does it help/hurt for a daily driven car? Just found out when I pulled the TB for cleaning that mine is bypassed. :rolleyes: Thanks in advance.
It won't hurt, but it only helps a little. Its for throttle body icing which is practically impossible on a T/R.
Really I doubt it helps/hurts at all because your IAT aren't too far off your coolant temps if you have a 160 thermostat. I bypassed mine, and I guess the only real point is so it's easier to take the plenum and TB off.
Mine's been plugged since long before I bought it back in 2000 and I have had no problems so I will keep it that way.
Thanks guys. Didn't figure it hurt it as it runs great. Getting Alky and a chip from Turbotweak so I'll be turning it up a bit. ;)