Thrust bearing problems


Oct 13, 2019
I have had two different motors which thrust bearing got ate up I have checked everything I can think of and everything checked out was sitting down today and was thinking so both motors are stock bottom end I have ported intake and plenum 67mm turbo 60” injectors do y’all think my crank is bending a bit and causing crank to go into thrust bearing ? Before I put money in it I looking for any ideas on this don’t want to spend money on a forged crank are girdle and still have this issue thanks
Back side of bearing and top surface of upper thrust bearing spacing on converter is in specs pulled it off and sent to the maker and he checked it out no signs of ballooning our Trans line pressure pushing converter too far
Any pics of the bearing? I don’t know the exact specs, but you need to be able to slide the torque converter roughly an 1/8” away from the flexplate. This ensures that you’re engaged far enough into the trans, but not too close to create forward thrust. How much crank thrust clearance do you have with a new bearing?
Two different engines, same car, trans and convertor or different? All stock factory bearings on both? I would check convertor outlet pressure before you build something nice.
Yes same trans and converter stock bearings no pics throw the in trash installed converter them pulled it out 1/8 in there is no scoring on snout of converter
How do you regulate that pressure ? Tv cable?
One of the 200 guys will help with that.
I use the t 400. It has the same issues with thrust brg failure.
You should have 45 pounds at idle if you have more then that it will take out the thrust bearing