THS Roll Call for BG OCT 24-27th 2018- Who's coming

Haulz A

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Alright you Buick GN racers- We are three months away from BG. I would like to know who is planning on coming to race. Also our sponsors would like a tenative head count of participants that will be racing as well. Time is closing in on us- so get those Buick's ready for the event. Thank you all for the support concerning this matter.

Haulz A


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Wow... I sure was hoping to attend again this year and race for the first time, I have attended the Nats five times and only once last year with my GN. (A partial pic of my GN made the GS XTRA :cool:)

This year I wanted to bring my 12 sec FWD 01 LS car but now I'll either be unemployed or on a new job. :( Ya'll enjoy.