Thumbs up for HARTLINE performance

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Jan 12, 2005

Both these rides are equipped with XFI's from Hartline performance. I just wanted to give Cal a shout out for nailing the tune for the car on the right. Sorry I have to keep the #'s confidential but not only does it make good power but the base line tune was extremely impressive, cold start, hot start, and driveability. This makes the install go so much smoother when the base line tune is spot on. I will never purchase an aftermarket fuel managment system from anyone else. Both these car are running great witht he 2.05 software, one on e85 and the other on race gas. Two more systems oredered I hope these go as just as smooth.
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you will be very happy!!

I have installed many FAST systems from them and I am always satisfied. The knowledge and advice puts them ahead of everybody.
Cal is the man! Holly and Cal have helped me out along the way more then anyone. No better money spent on my tr then Cal's tuning.
Thanks guys!! It's been a crazy week for XFI sales. Perhaps this post is the reason why. Thanks!