Thumbwheel dimensions?


TRCM Author
May 25, 2001
Can someone post the exact dimensions of the MaxEffort Thumbwheel controller?
I'm getting an ashtray switchplate made and I'd like to mount it in that.
Mine truly has the wheel.
1. A buddy of mine has it to repair a broken wire, so I can't get the dimensions quickly.
2. BFH is making the switchplate. He'll do a whole lot better with a Dremel than I will.
Re: guages

Originally posted by Mr.Buick
Nice guages, where did you get them? who makes them?
Those are Cyberdyne's digital gauges, I think the same manufacturer makes the Dakaota Digitals and Nordskog, you can get them from Jegs or Summit, just stay away from the Fuel Pressure gauge, its a POS, had several and not not would read the pressure accurrately, nor do they register fast enough, by the time they catch up to the actual pressure when hitting the turbo boost, its time to let off. All of the other gauges are very nice and seem to be accurate.