Thunder Fab I/C questions??


When will it end?
Jan 2, 2003
Are any of you guys using the Thunder Fab I/C? Are you happy with them? Any info is much appreciated. - FAB6
i like mine, i had to move the mounting hole on the driver's side about an inch down because they moved it to the wrong place, i called tony and mentioned it to him and its all good now, he made the corrections but i like it fits like a stocker and it does not hang low at all and it comes with a nice alluminium adjustable shroud.
I have the 20 row. It went in just as easy as the stocker. GREAT craftsmanship. You won't be disappionted!
Another satisfied customer. Great build quality, fit great, installed easily and best of all I received it 2 days (gasp) after I ordered it.....AND they answered the phone when I called. I would highly recommend it.
Very nice looking piece. $670 shipping included, not bad...
wonder how it compares with a V-4 ???? I personally would rather a new piece than used cores .... good ol NE wheather is a killer :mad: