timing and valves

Set the ignition timing 12* btdc, the ECM and HEI module will take over then. Stock Buick engines are not adjustable on the valves, you only have to torque the rocker arm shafts down.
'79 has a 'turbo control center" which can be considered an early ECM.

I thought initial timing was 15° BTDC?
Probably. Less timing pulled starting low haha. I no longer have one of these for reference.
Thanks everybody for the replies!! I hadn't come back here until now because I thought my email would let me know there was a response, but it didn't.

I didn't know about the valves but will have them checked to make sure they are torqued down as it just came from the builder .

The engine has a ESC that's like Rich said. I don't have the distributor that will work with it The ESC has the three connections. I don't have the wires from the distributor to hook to. The knock sensor and engine wiring harness connection are there. Is there a way to wire it into the distributor?

The engine runs real well. I turned the dist. until it ran smooth and then drove from the barn up to the house and proceeded to wreck my back. Two bulging disc. Can't lean over the finder now. Taking it Wednesday and let a mechanic check the valves over and the timing. Anybody have an extra distributor for sale?

Thanks again all.