Timing Chain ?


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Sep 9, 2007
We picked up a RollMaster for my son's car. Upon teardown he doesn't think it will fit. New chain has one bolt. He says existing is completely different. I haven't seen it yet. What are the ins and outs on these things. thx matt
One bolt? You need to remove the stock chain tensinor and remove the old chain and sprockets. The top should have two bolts holding it to the camshaft and the bottom slides over the crank into a key. The bottom sproket will have two dots. One is for the keyway and the other is the timming dot. So one will be at 12 and the other with the key will be at 2.
Sounds like you may have picked up an odd-fire unit, instead of even-fire. Is the part# 1013 or 1014

It is an odd fire unit. 1013 is the number. Its going back to the hotrod shop, and the correct, even fire piece is on its way from full throttle.

Ty guys