Nov 3, 2007
....looking for explicit instructions on how to manually check the timing on my GN using a timing light...thanks!
I want to resurect this old thread because I have this exact question.
After using the search function, I could not find anything that addresses the issue of how or where to position the timing light in order to shine on the dampener marks.
I got that part, which I did.
But where can you hold the light to aim it onto the white mark on the dampener??
....."tlap"; I honestly did not get the answer I was looking for either when I did a search. However; what I did was turned the maf pipe connected to the turbo up out the way to get the timing light to shine down at the right angle on the dampener. The maf pipe has to connected to the turbo or the car will not run. Hope this helps!...
YES! That was exactly what needed to be done. Seems so simple once you know the tricks.
Thank you HNIC.