tiny speckles on windshield????


Jan 13, 2002
on my truck windshield are tiny speckles that almost look like overspray but i tried steel wool and it did nothing. and there is no over spray on the paint. what the heck is it and how can i get rid of it?
does anyone have an idea because i would hate to replace the windshield for nothing.
See if they are pits or on the surface. If you can hang the tip of a ball point pen in them, they are pits and you are stuck. If not, tar remover or lacquer thinner maybe?
Some trees leak sap which will do something similar to what U describe.........but would be over whole car. Can be a PITA to get off.
if it was tree sap, steel wool would have at least 'smeared' it if not removed them. Id say it just road blast from years of driving. Not much you can do besides replacing the glass.