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Jul 17, 2005
Want to get new rubber after a lot of mods need a bigger footprint in the rear.
I now have 235-60r-15's on stock rims, I want to put a larger tire in the rear and am willing to change out the rims if required.

What tire and rim size works best I keep hearing mixed opinions does anyone have this down to a science as to not hit my wheel well ?

15's largest size tire,
16's largest size tire,
17's largest tire size.

Please help this is the last piece of the puzzle !
I don't have any hard evidence, but I'll give you my "opinion". BTW, I have 255/60-15's on the rear with stock rims. I'd like to go to 275/50, but I have read mixed reviews plus I think this is too wide for stock rims.

I believe that for for comfort and drag racing use, a 15" rim is generally better than bigger rims. The sidewall is bigger than other rims, which provides more cushion for a smoother ride, and more "flex' to get more rubber on the road.

If you have a larger rim, you start running a smaller sidewall. This is better for handling purposes, but the drawback is a stiffer tire which can make the ride more harsh and the tire less flexable. Runing slightly less air pressure in these tires (in an effort to increase the contact patch) will not usually have favorable results.
Stock Rim Option

Currently on my TType rims I run 295-50-15 (Ventura Pep Boy Specials). There is no rubbing what so ever and I have ran a 12.53 @ 118 with them with my old combo.

I also have two sets of weld wheels - For the street I run 15x3-1/2 fronts and 15x8 rear 3.5B/S with 275x50-15 M/T DR, and at the track I run 15x10 4.5B/S with 28x10.5-15 M/T ET Drags. Fender has to be trimmed to run these though. Hopes this helps out a little far as option goes.

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well put ray.how ya been btw ???

Hey Tim,
Been busy as heck with the holidays and all, otherwise going good. Hey! I also put 730 miles on the new engine, you know what that means :eek: Let the tuning begain. I'll be going to Qualcom on 6 Jan to start tuning it, you going to be there? Bring rest of the fellas too, we'll have fun like normal :cool: I'll give you a shout on Thursday, I'll be on duty for 24 hours and not like much will be going on, everyone is on leave, except me :mad: :)
These are tires I have tried & fit with no rubbing

15" 275/50/15 275/60/15
16" 255/50/16
17" 275/40/17 (currently on the back of my GN) ;)