Tlink vs DS for Extender/Translater+


Feb 12, 2002
Which scantool would be better in helping me tune with my Trans+ and Extender? I've heard DS gives more data, and would help me fine tune my car better; but i've also heard the TL is better because of its boost sensing etc. What are your opions on this? Thank you!
Lots of info on this if you use search in this section. You can also see good info here:

That being said, I wouldn't give up my Directscan because of its data rate. With 18 frames per second, it allows easier comparison of mods because you can look at 0-60, 30-80 or whatever other MPH ranges where you want to look to see if you made more power and where and moved thru speed ranges any faster. And if your a little crafty you can make DS log boost too although it won't give you the data in nice easy to read psi, you'll have to buy some parts and do some data conversions but its plug and play.

On that note.......if you use a dyno with a wideband o2 sensor and your own boost gauge as a guide, then the directscan would be hands down better , would you agree?