TONS of performance parts! Engine, trans, turbos, FAST's, etc, look!!


formerly turbo_canuck
Jul 18, 2001
Selling all this stuff for a friend of mine, he's downsizing to one TR and upgrading.

-Complete 87 Engine, has only around 30 or 40 passes on it and around 300 street miles. Forged Cat crank, stock stroke, stock length k1 rods, diamond .020 over forged pistons, DLS grind 218 cam, fully race ported and polished iron heads, champion ported intake, precision 65mm plenum, ported stock throttle body, 72 lb injectors, stock fuel rail, new coil and module, new msd wires, cometic head gaskets, stock headers w/atr crossover, Limit TE-45A turbo, TH 3" downpipe, Mark Hueffman 3.5" cold air kit. Ran low 11's on an EXTREMELY mild tune, 18-19 lbs boost, 20 deg. timing in a 3600 lb car. Sacrifice at $7000 pick-up only, or can deliver within 200 miles of upstate NY for a fee

-TH-2004R BRF Transmission- every hard part and upgrade you can put in a 200 is in there. Fully built to last into the low 10's, high 9's. Asking $1800, also pick up or 200 mi. del.
-Classic FAST sequential with wb02, fasttrack adapter to stock gn harness, and 3-bar MAP sensor - $800

-2 Classic FAST bank to bank boxes, box only- $450 each

- WBo2 for either box above - $75

- Fully race ported irons, need valve job, maybe a bent valve or two, timing chain broke. With T+D roller rockers, stud kit, champion V/C's, asking $1000

- Port matched stock intake for above heads, with ported stock plenum and TB, stock rail modded for dual -6an fittings, 83lb. injectors, inj. harness- $450

- Turbonetics t-66 single BB, used for less than one full season, polished compressor cover - $ 700

- Precision stock location intercooler, used 2 seasons - $650

- 2 month old coil pack, GM module and MSD interface - this unit helped put out over 620 rwhp at 6800 RPM - $350

- NEW stroker pistons, CP, .010 over with rings - $400

- Used Front timing cover w/ oil pump - $ 75

Some parts may be negotiable a little, never hurts to ask! :smile:
Intercooler comes with everything that originally came with it. It's still on the car at the moment, it will be coming out in the next few days, so bear with us.

The valve covers - $ 60
ill take valve covers,do you have the valve cover breathers?Also was the ratio on the T&D roller do you want payment Thanks Ramon
CP Stroker Pistons

Can you PM me the specks on the stroker pistons..CH..Pin Dia..etc.
Ramon6795, i'm gonna send u some pics tomorrow, just to be sure. pretty sure i have the breathers here somewhere too. rockers are 1.65

Justin84, will get u some pics in the morning also

chriss4655, yup, sure am! just south of montreal.

Brent, PM'd u on the other site

Hi to All,
Really enjoyed meeting everyone at the Nats after a FOUR[4] year furlough.

CC and I are rebuilding Black and will be collecting "STUFF" to get it back on the road.
Take care and have a nice day.

Do you have more info on the tranny,who built it, a reciept, l/u or n l/u maybe a pic. Thanks Chris from BC:smile:
Do you have more info on the tranny,who built it, a reciept, l/u or n l/u maybe a pic. Thanks Chris from BC:smile:

Tranny is non L/U, built locally by a automatic MASTER. I might have the BOS somewhere, i'll have to look. it's still in the car, will get pics ASAP. Thanks!