Too many google ads on forums


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Jun 25, 2001
My browser at work is managed and they hacked into it to remove my ad blockers and such.
Jay..... can you incorporate an ad blocker into the forum software?
Its gotten worse and worse the closer to Christmas. Like a Plague !
I havent touched the ads in months so there arent any new ones.

Im still holding out hope that the forum merge is going to get finished and I can set all the donation stuff back up. Im going to wait until after New Years and then contact the guy and see if he is still working on it.
I didnt say just vendor ads either. Let me clarify.. I HAVE NOT TOUCHED ANY VENDOR OR GOOGLE ADS IN MONTHS.

Also, Facebook Mobile is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more spammy than this site, the ads are just easier to overlook.
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Wow I haven’t logged in for a spill, I’d say the amount of ad’s is possibly chasing folks off, no one wants to be bombarded. I fully understand there’s a cost to keeping the lights on, but jeezwizz.
I’d be more than happy with a paid membership to get rid of them.
For the record no where I visit has this many ads….

On this page alone, I just counted 13 different items other than forum content …
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I don't see that many?? I actually click on them if they interest me. You guys act like this site is one of them click bait links. I only use mobile though, don't know if that matters.
Costs keep increasing. Income is decreasing. The ads is the only way to pay the bills. There is a donation option to get rid of the ads.
Hello Shane,
I hope you have been doing well Sir. I actually attempted to shot a PayPal donation into the forum Sat evening.
I was getting error message saying “Opps something went wrong “ noting I had not selected a currency.
I did refreshed page several times, starting over but I continued to get the message.
Possibly I was overlooking something but if so, I’m not sure what that was.
If anyone knows what I was doing wrong please let me know, this forum has been the most valuable resource for me over the last 25 years and I would love to support it, to help ensure it’s place in our community. I also feel that this forum was/has been the backbone of our community throughout the last 25 yrs and can be that go to resource again, if user inaction is a priority, so folks are coming back w/ more frequency.
I frequent other forums and have seen some thrive, while others have not done so, with many groups splintering, due to the influx of FB Groups.

A very thriving forum that I would suggest possibly looking at, is….
They use a 4 tier membership, that maybe should be evaluated for something like that here. Also they do a very good job with their sub-forums to help clean up the clutter of their platform. With today’s culture, the users are wanting their search fast & cluttered free.
Not to ramble but just a couple more thoughts…if the possibility of a membership is not in the near future of the board, get the donation process to the Top of Page so everyone can find it easily. I’m a little ashamed to say that I wasn’t aware we even had that until this past weekend.

Also folks are looking for a great General Discussion Area, where they have a place that creates a Sense of Belonging for them, a place to hangout, a place for their news, a place for them to laugh or a place for them to unload their emotions.
Lastly the content/resources/pictures that has been contributed to this forum over the past years will be the driving factor in the forum’s success. There is so much history and content here, currently there is no other place even close with that amount of amazing resources & what has been captured here though the years.
I’m very hopeful that nothing I said was offensive, as that is truly not my intentions Sir. I have nothing but respect for You & this Forum.