took alram out, now car wont start. purple wire??


I just uninstalled my alarm and I got all the wires out and everything. but, there is a factory purple wire that comes off of a bundle of wires. this wire then comes into a little black square where it is sodered to a terminal. then a purple wire and a black wire come off the box and are cut and taped together. the toher two terminals on the box went to the alarm. So, I tried to start my car and it wouldnt start. so I am guessing that the purple and the black wire go to my starter?? i looked around and couldn't really see the other end (where it was cut) of the purple and black wire. do you guys know what I shouuld do?? thanks alot. I am home for spring break and only have a week to drive my car, so a quick response would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
adam isadore.
Welp, if the car won't turn over then the purple wire should connect the starter to the starter switch which is on the steering colume under the dash. It's on the top side colume and should have a bunch of wires coming out of it. I think there's a pink wire that comes out of it and is the ignition wire, so that might help you locate it.
thanks. SO do I keep that little black box thing?? or do I take the factory purple wire and directly connect it to the starter switch?? Is that little black relay thing factory.
adam isadore
Alarm un-install

The purple wire is the one that feeds the stater solenoid. You need to find the other end and reconnect it. If the black box has numbers on it (87,87a,30 ect...) it is a relay, you dont need it, it is not factory. If it is a relay, the other half of the purple wire is connected to one of the wires (can't remember which one). Once you connect the two ends of the purple wire it should turn over. Hope this helps you. :D