Torque Converter / Turbo replacement


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Nov 28, 2007
I need to vent a bit. I just had my trans freshened up due to a flare. It is now working great however I had a small leak which I was not able to pin point. What I though was a loose pump bolt turned out to be a hair line crack were the stator is, needless to say I could get this fixed, but this means more down time for me. Do I just get another torque converter, it's a PATS 10 inch stalls at 3,400 rpm 0 lbs of boost but it does not feel loose if that makes sense. Until now it worked flawlessly with my TE-60-1 and other mods in sig. I have a trans brake and was wondering if the stress of using it only a few times (less than 10) may have caused the damage to the stator. I've had the converter 6 years and have less than 5,000 kilometers on it.
My issue - I need a new converter, and need help choosing one.
Onto the turbo, last year the TE-60-1 took a dump, I was leant a PTE-54 which looks exactly like my TE-60-1, I am going to return it and will need a new turbo (the waste gate hole is too large), my dilema is selecting the proper turbo and converter. My car is a street car, it's been down a track 3 times, it went 118 @ 11.48 with zero lbs boost launch on drag radials and 12.0 on regular radials at 116mph. These runs at 22 psi pump gas and alky.
I mainly want a good fun reliable street car but if I can pick up some performance with the proper combination that would be great. I only want to do this once and get the best turbo / converter combo if anyone can help me please.
I know these mods have been beat to death however the more I read into turbos and converters the more I get confused if this makes sense. I am open to suggestions.

I would hope Bison chimes in. He can help in both fields. I am going to say Dusty is your best when it comes time to purchase. Bison can build you a turbo.
Thats all i got.

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Yes I am hoping he sees this too. I do have his email but I am at work presently. I had sent him pictures of my turbo carnage a while back but then I put the car away, I was fed up with it for a bit, then it snowed etc etc.... I have never penny pinched with this thing so I hope he chimes in, if not I will def get a hold of him. I'm hoping to tap into the wealth of knowledge that is found here.

Thanks guys!
Thinking I should have posted this in the Turbo section. Doing that now.