Torque Converter


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Looking for a torque converter that I can give to my trans guy to install at the same time as my rebuild. I would prefer...

3200 stall or close to it

Don't mind a slightly used one if it helps on the price but I don't want anything that's been beat on too hard. Looking to catch a break from the cost of a new one... $700+.
Not sure if you are interested.... well... actually I am not sure I want to yet..... but I have a (3200) 9.5" Vigilante 5-disc "0-pump" converter that my combo I am about to install is going to want a little more stall..... so I am thinking I might either pay to have mine re-stalled.... or sell my used converter...and buy a new one..... These converters are right at 1000 new by the time you get it shipped....

I'd take $650 shipped for mine. It had about 3000 miles on it when I bought it... and I put about 10-15k miles on it behind my stock turbo stock motor'd car..... never upgraded turbos before I jumped time.... then spun a main bearing. Converter worked fine...did have the infamous vigilante rattle in neutral and park... but went away when you put it in gear.

Just thought I would throw that out there....