Torque Convertor Not Locking.....


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Every since I got my Turbo T daily driver, the torque convertor wouldn't lock up. I hooked a manual switch up via the ALDL and still no go so I figures the TCC Solenoid was bad. Finally got around to replacing it tonight and it still won't lock up. Is there anything else that commonly causes this? Could there be something wrong with the wiring harness going to the tranny? Thanks.
Check for 12V with the key on at terminal A on the transmission connector end of the vehicle harness. This 12V goes through the brake switch under the dash.
K,....if it is the brake switch that is bad, would the convertor still lock using a manual switch via the ALDL?? When you manually lock it this way, does it bypass the brake switch??
When you manually lock the converter, presumably via the ALDL port, you are closing the ground side of the circuit. If your brake switch was not passing 12V thru to the transmission, it will not manually lock either.