Toys from when we were kids

besides Evel's stunt cycle,,,,I also had his stunt dragster where the front end extended to make the dragster,,,,oh oh don't forget about ARMY MEN!!!!
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Remember the Master Caster? Nothing is a safer toy than one that involves molten hot wax......

Yep! And I still have mine in the box. Also have the starbird too. Not to mention lots of my star wars and gi joes. Also have a fair amount of early handheld games like Epoch Man, Invader from space, Digital derby, Blip, Kenner live action football etc...

Come to think about it I should get this stuff appraised & insured. Lots of money were talking about here just carefully packed away in boxes in the closet.

Real early 70's not sure on spelling, "Clackers" found for sale by yo-yo's at the store, they were very simply two transparent colored acrylic balls about golf ball/ billiard ball size attached together by about 1 1/2 ft nylon string with a holder in middle. By pendulum like action you made these things bouch off each other repeatedly moving at string center point making a loud "clacking' noise. Served no purpose other than making the noise, they were only out a year or so then taken off the market because they were known to violently shatter:eek:
Is vertibird the helicopter that went in a circle?

I have a Hugo still in the box in my closet.

I had the rough riders with the mountain made of strofoam, they had the wider tires.

I still have a Mazinga too, from Shogun Warriors.

Anyone hear of the Kenner Girder & Panel set where you would assemble a giant building?

Slime in the garbage cans, Drive command remote control cars which actually steered instead of foward, reverse turn?
I forget the name of the black corvette you would program a sequence, and it would complete it always.
I had the tyco super sound raceway, and the first magnum 440 set with the tachs. Ok, enough rambling.
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Is vertibird the helicopter that went in a circle?

Yes. It also had a hook that you could pick up stuff with. It took 6 or 8 D batteries, so it was not an "everyday" toy for me. As the batteries did not last too long. :(

I played with Stompers in Middle School. If I remeber correctly it took 1 AA battery. We used to solder on a 9 volt connector, so that a 9 volt battery could be used in place of the 1 AA, in order to really make it fly!... :D

SST's were also lots of fun lauching off of a ramp on the top of my garage, but not unbreakable like the Stunt Cycle... That thing took some MAJOR abuse when I was a kid.......:cool:
Toy Guns

and im not talking about these pu$$y neon space guns that spit out happyness and love that kids have nowadays

Im talking about when you walked into Toys R us and walked into the GUN aisle and it was like a freakin Marine Corps armory in there, those toy guns looked real. We used to play urban warfare on our street on the honor system.

those were the days, nowadays the gun aisle is no more and kids play some fruitcake stuff now.
who had an AFX car racing set? I had a TCR where there was no "groove" It had 3 contacts and you could change lanes. And there was a jam car that stayed on the inside lane and went really slow

I rememeber the "klackers" being called Kebangers
Toys when I was Young!!

Anybody remember the Lost in Space Robot, about 18" tall or Major Matt Mason. I must be older then most of the Members! LOL!! Thanks Mike D.
My favorite toys as a kid were Gi Joe/ Cobra the ones that came after the big dolls in the mid 80's and Masters of the Universe. I still have my Favorite Gi Joe figure of all time the original Storm Shadow (Ninja) 1984 very well taken care. Over 20 years old!:D
""who had an AFX car racing set? I had a TCR where there was no "groove" It had 3 contacts and you could change lanes. And there was a jam car that stayed on the inside lane and went really slow""

I still have my "4 Lanes of Racing" track. It still works. I am going to mount it to a 4x8 sheet of plywood and mount it to the wall in my shop so it can be dropped down like a table top and play with it. Maybe this will get me motivated to get it set up and everyone can "come over and play". Fuzzy, you are closest. Linc, you're invited too.:D