Toys from when we were kids

My wife used to play the dating game with her friends. I'll bet she never thought she'd end up with the grease monkey in real life.:D
i still own every piece of lego i ever played with :) One of these days i'll have to try to build a GN or something, lol
My top 10

1. Evil Knieval stunt bike. I broke someones basement window with this bike and it's ramp. Just launched it off it's little ramp and it went waaaaay farther than I thought.

2. Six Million Dollar Man - Steve Austin, with the cool bionic arm, and legs with the little circuits in them, that were covered with the flesh colored latex skin that rolled up to expose them..

3. Hugo, the man of a 1000 faces puppet/doll with all of the cool stick on scars, mustaches, hairpieces, etc..

4. Hungry Hungry Hippo Game

5. Star Wars Millenium Falcon with Han Solo and Chewbacca figures.

6. Old GI Joe dolls that were about a foot tall each and had the cool cloth hair and pull string that made them talk. Along with their fort, and assorted outfits for winter, summer, etc..

7. Mattel Smash Up Derby Cars that would just come apart when they hit stuff, but you could put them back together.

8. Kung Fu plastic throwing stars with the suction cups on the ends so they could stick to stuff when you threw them.

9. Spiderman wrist web shooter that had a dart with a suction cup on the end, and a long string.

10. Stretch Armstrong doll that you could bend and stretch into all kinds of positions.

I still have some of the above stuff!

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"You knocked my block off!"

I remember playing with the "Swinging pendulum" games like Skittle Pool and Skittle Bowl. Now that I think about it, yeah, it was sorta dangerous trying to swing a wooden ball hanging from a chain into an immovable object. Good times!

Here was one of my favorites: The Kenner SSP. I had a lime green Dodge Daytona with real rubber nose cone.

Ideal "Mini-Motorifics" were another cool toy from my youth.
Seeing that Vertibird reminded me that I used to have a "Barnstormer" set when I was way little. It had an anchor that attached to a chair back or something about 8ft away and the little Biplane that launched from a little pad and you pulled the string after launch to make it clime then relaxed the string for it to return and either land it or knock down the plastic barn at the end of the landing pad. Damn, I must have been around 8 or so.

I feel so old now.:eek:
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Remember the Master Caster? Nothing is a safer toy than one that involves molten hot wax......

I know I'm probably quite a bit younger then the rest of you but this reminded me of when I was like 6 we had these things they were called Creepy Crawlers I believe and you got metal molds and then you had colored goo in a bottle that you squirted into the molds then put it in their little oven. Problem was they gave you a little removal tool that fit underneath the mold but I never really thought about things when I was that young and would just grab it and burn myself almost every time. And that damn thing got hot. I have no idea how they ever thought a hot mold would be a good kids toy.

Edit: Oh and a lot of the toys you guys mentioned I played with too. Lincoln Logs is a good example.....I built a many forts with those things. And a lot of the hotwheels and cars I got from my older brother.

Hey 72firebird,
I had a Creepy Crawlers set too. I made a ton of those little critters. That was back in the late 60's. I got good at making those. I especially liked the shrunken head mold.:D

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Hey 72firebird,
I had a Creepy Crawlers set too. I made a ton of those little critters. That was back in the late 60's. I got good at making those. I especially liked the shrunken head mold.:D


Hmmm didn't realise they were around for that long. I got mine in the early 90s..... Yeah I made a ton of them even though they served no real purpose.
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Stompers rule! I forgot about those:D

Another vote for Evel's stunt cycle and Stompers...

They were so popular when I was in 5th and 6th grade that we actually had Stomper pulling comps in the auditorium. We'd wire up 9 volt batteries and glue extra tires on to make them 4 wheel dualies to win... The motors would only last a run or two that way, but I had a box of spare parts :D. Man, those were the days *sigh*

BTW, that pic isn't a real stomper. It was one of the clones that came out after "Stomper mania" hit :D