TPS Problem?


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Oct 10, 2014
Yesterday I started Old Blue up to go to a car show up the street. She started right up, as usual, then the check engine light came on and the idle went up. I pulled out of the garage and checked the scanmaster for a code. Sure enough, it showed a code 22. I looked it up and saw it was a tps issue. So, I drove the mile or so to the show. Had a good time and told a friend about the code. He drives a 62 vette so knows nothing about our cars. When I was pointing out the tps to him I just kind of grabbed it and wiggled it a bit. Come time to leave and the idiot light was off. Got home and cleared the code. The car ran great today with no silly lights or codes. This is the first issue I've had with Old Blue for several years! Should I worry? It wasn't like the tps was loose or not plugged in all the way.
Why don’t you replace the tps . It’s not like it’s a expensive part ? So I say buy a tps and replace it why wouldn’t you ?
I think it's more likely a bad connection than a bad TPS seeing wiggling it fixed the problem. Almost every problem I've ever had with the car has been a poor connection. It's the first thing I go to. After 32 years corrosion builds up, it doesn't even have to be visible with only 5v going through it it doesn't take much to foul things up.

I'd disconnect the plug, clean the contacts, bend them a little so they make good contact and see if the problem comes back before I replaced the TPS.