TPS Question


Nov 6, 2003
On my scantool (turbolink) it says that I am not achieving higher than 4.0 volts @ WOT. I was told that I need it at around 4.5. I know my chip is programed to read higher than 4 volts at WOT. If I have moved the TPS all the way to increase and it still shows a max of 4.0, what are my other options?

Thanks for the help.
Take the tps off and move it by hand to see if it will go higher. If it does than hog out the holes to let it move on the t/b some more. There is 2 ways to adjust the tps one is loosening both screws and turn it and the other is loosen one screw and turn it. I had to do it both ways to get mine low enough at idle and high enough at wot.
Check to see if floor mat is in the way. Check to see that t/b blade is opening all the way. Check to see if you have the right tps part #. Then do what i posted earlier.
thanks a lot for the input. i will try these things. is there a way to read the TPS voltage while the car is off?

Thanks again for the help.
rssooner said:
is there a way to read the TPS voltage while the car is off?

Real easy to do this. Just turn the key on without starting the engine.

All I got to say is be patient because sometimes it is a you know what to get the idle and WOT set just right. Atleast it was for me. I also had to hog out the holes too on mine.

Deron L.