I've been looking at the hotair recipes at the turbo regal website and have wondered by what one of the authors means when he wrote that L. Connely "tweaked" his tps. Is this the same thing as installing a TPS-Tec?
i don't know what he means specifically but here's what I know about the tps-tec:

after, say, a regular tps goes above 3.0, the tps-tec would send a high voltage to the ecm to command power enrichment mode. So effectively with the TPS-Tec, the ECM thinks you have the throttle matted at anything above 3/4 throttle (i'm guessing here).

In my opinion, there isn't a *need* for the tps-tec or anything to be gained by it if all you're doing is WOT runs... as long as your tps sensor kicks the ECM into power enrichment mode, you're good.

However, for normal street driving, the tps-tec can be kinda cool, it'll give ya a lot better 3/4 throttle power, without having to open the throttle right up, which some of us would like to be able to do.


Tweaking means just adjusting it. Do a search in the general tech area on how to set it.
Haven't heard this issue in awhile! I'm pretty sure what was 'tweaked' was the mounting holes in the TPS itself. In most cases, they need to be filed out a bit so you can maneuver the TPS into a position to attain the optimum low and high voltage readings when set at idle and WOT (respectively).

Without filing the mounting holes, it's common to get either the idle setting right, but not enough volts at WOT, OR you can get the WOT volts right, but then the idle volts are too high!