TR Customs MAF pipe to turbo

3" MAF Pipe and Silicone Couplers

Hey...getting ready to pop for a new turbo that has a 4" inlet.
Currently running a TRC Big Mouth cold air kit (the original one).

Has anyone used the TRC hose to connect a 3" MAF pipe to a 4" turbo inlet?
3 Inch MAF Pipes

How's the fit?
Does it clear the stock IAC

I'm running a 3.5" MAF Pipe and it just clears the IAC (no angle boss / adapter). The 3" MAF will leave you tons of clearance, so no worries. However, if you're going with a turbo that has a 4" inlet.....I'd strongly suggest going with at least a 3.5" MAF Pipe (you'll need a 4"x 3.5" Silicone Reducer Coupling for your turbo......(plus one reducer for the other end connecting to your MAF). If it were me, I'd also choose the 3.5" LS1 MAF so not to create any bottlenecks in your airflow, you wanna keep as much air flowing as you can if you want to realize the full potential of your turbo with a 4" inlet on it.


Currently I have the 3" pipe that comes standard with the big mouth kit and it was going to my TA61 with the bolt on inlet bell, and the rubber coupling between the MAF pipe and inlet rests right on the IAC.

The LS1 MAF and xlator will be another time...the turbo and what I need currently to install it are all I can afford for now.

So I'm still wondering if anyone has tried the coupler hose in the above link to go from the 3" pipe to the 4: turbo and if there was any interference with the IAC.
It will up against it but have had customers say that it works. You can gain a little more clearance by taking the plastic cover off the IAC from what I have been told, never tried that myself.
Hey Mark.

One more question before I order.
The 3" pipe I have running from my stock MAF to my old turbo inlet is a straight 11" pipe that came with my big mouth kit.
Is this going to be long enough to reach to the 4" to 3" angled reducer you sell and then to the 4" inlet on my 6265 DBB with the SP cover....or do I need a longer MAF pipe?

I have not installed the new turbo yet because I'm fixing little things here and there first, but want to make sure I get everything I need all at once so that when I'm ready to put the turbo on....I don't run into any road blocks.
Dont sweat it. I have the PT6776S, and I put on the 4" MAF pipe with the stock setup IAC location. It rests right up against it, but fits no problem. Its a tight fit with everything on but fits just fine. Ran it for a summer like that no problem. If I get a few minutes in the garage, I can snap a pic.
I am currently running a 4" MAF pipe, an 85mm Z06 meter, and translator