TR Customs parts Phone #

In addition, Mark at TR Custom Parts will not accept a Cdn credit card any longer.....He insists on a certified cheque in his hands before he will ship.
I know this because this is how I have had to pay for stuff I've bought from him over the years. He didn't used to be this way, but got screwed on some orders in the past.
Certainly not very convenient (to say the least)!
I'd give him a shot anyway. I've bought several items from him and have been happy. I just ordered a turbo saver through the website. I got a receipt and a shipping notice. I have talked to him in the past. Just leave your number in an email and he'll call you. I think he works another job (A real job) so he can't take calls during the day. I could be wrong about that but I believe there's a good reason for not taking calls. He's got some neato stuff so to me it's worth waiting for a call.

Oh and I used to own a snowmobile lift and dolly company until a few years ago. We also stopped shipping to Canada before we sold. Got screwed too many times on shipping fee's etc. I don't blame him one bit.
I agree, he will call back in no time. They used to accept paypal but that may have changed, i just send in a money order and tell him what its for, and the part magically appear a short time later. Also everything i have ever ordered was well packed and exactly what i ordered,they have some cool stuff. Dont dismiss them so quickly. Great vender for us all.
X3 or 4 on Mark being a great seller. He chooses not to field calls so that's just the way it is. His stuff is great and I've not had any problems getting it to my place, though I'm not in Canada.