TR needs to go!

Just bought this at the end of the summer last year. I've been laid off now for over two months and this thing is taking up space and needs to go. This would make a good street/strip car for someone who has a little time to put into it. I just don't have the money to do anything with this car and we need the garage space back. I'm really not sure what this car is worth, so I'm entertaining offers at this point. Let me know if your interested, Here is a link with a full description of the car and a link to pics of the car

Sorry guys, I actually ended up working yesterday and then had class after that. I didn't even get on a computer yesterday. I'm heading out to class right now, but I will try to get back to everyone later tonight. I will work on getting interior pictures but it won't be until tomorrow at the earliest.

I dont see a return line on the A1000 Pump is there one??
Nice price! Good looking car too. Just needs a few things to be really really fast! :smile:
Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you are happy with the car and that the car went to a fellow Buick enthusiast.

thanks again,